Friday, September 19, 2008

The Old Hill Wife

After a 20+ year hiatus, for some reason I have decided to write a poem again. I blame it on Regina Jane! (Happy belated birthday, by the way, Regina.) It must be all that poetry I've been snacking on, lately.

I haven’t decided yet whether it’s evocative, or derivative, or even any good…..

But, either way… Happy Anniversary, darling. (Yes, I know it’s the wrong equinox! Why celebrate anniversaries only on the full year? I even know that this year the autumnal equinox comes on the 22nd. But since we were married on the 20th, you will simply have to cope with imprecision.)

We’ve managed to stay married for fifteen-and-a-half years; I think we’ll manage for a few more.

The pictures are fuzzy.... sorry. I still don't have the hang of that digital camera. Weren't you handsome.......

Love Song of the Old Hill Wife
“I will try to disappoint you better than anyone ever has.”
--Mon Semblable, by Stephen Dunn

To love thee
I suppose, is to disappoint thee
To bring to ruin that always cherished hope
That here, at last, here
Is the one who understands me
Here is the one
This one will always understand the song my heart sings.

To love thee
I suppose, is the quietest joke—
The one that God whispered the sea
On the very first day
The one she whispers the sand
The one thee whispered me.
Stronger than death
More fragile than the rain
Always still strangers,
Unknown through all the years of knowing.

To love thee,
I suppose, is the bravest act of all
To walk upon this ragged ground we’ve chosen
Not understanding—
To hold each other anyway.


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh my, Shawna- I'll happily take the blame! This was absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful tribute to your husband and your life together!
We've got 22 years under our belts and it does indeed have its fair share of disappointments- but highs as well!
Congratulations, sweet friend!
Keep 'em coming! The poetry and many more anniversaries!

kevin roberts said...

Dang you're embarassing

Martin Kelley said...

But entertaining for the rest of us!

Jan Lyn said...

Took my breath away, Shawna. Been enjoying taking a peek at your blog lately.

By the way, as per Kevin's comment here, that is exactly one part of the job description of being married I think!

Congratulations to you both!

Shawna said...

Thanks, Regina! Thanks, Jan!

Thanks for helping Kevin keep it in perspective, Martin!

Kevin, it's like Jan says, embarrassing you is one of the prerogatives of being married to you. Actually, I can't think of anyone else who could do it.... Happy Anniversary, darling.

Robin M. said...

Congratulations to both of you!

Shawna said...

Thanks, Robin!
So far, so good...